+ How we do it

Most accountants offer business consulting services. We don't just offer business consulting; we provide this service to all of our corporate clients at no additional charge. Continuous business and personal tax consulting is part of the reason why our clients are so successful. Our business owners know that they can contact us any time with any questions and we'll be happy to offer help and advice. We actively encourage our clients to call or email us and keep us informed of any changes to their lives or finances that could have an affect on their finances or taxes. This keeps us informed and it gives our clients a sense of security, knowing that they always have access to the help they need.

Ongoing tax planning

Tax planning is a continuous process and needs to be reassessed regularly. We have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in tax through our ongoing tax planning process.
We ask our clients to keep us advised of life changes and planning issues such as these and others as most of them present tax planning opportunities:

  • Getting married
  • Expecting a baby
  • Wondering about government programs like the Canada Child Benefit
  • Changes to spouse's employment
  • Caring for a dependent or disabled family member
  • Buying a new house or vacation property
  • Buying or selling a rental property
  • Family members who are offered a severance or retirement package
  • Children going to college
  • Children working in your business
  • Separation or divorce - Wondering about tax consequences of division of assets and support payments
  • Retirement goals and plans
  • Applying for CPP & avoiding OAS clawback

Straightforward Pricing & Affordable Rates

Many accountants invoice based on an hourly rate or a fee per transaction model. The variability of the billing under this system doesn't allow for easy budgeting and can cause an unpleasant shock at year end if the invoice is higher than expected. Also, under this model any tax planning and advice results in an extra fee which can dissuade clients from asking valuable questions. This is why we set an annual fee for each of our clients based on the anticipated work required. We stick to this fee. This allows our clients to budget with comfort. There are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the year and of course you can contact us as much as you'd like for assistance or advice.

Full Service Business Accounting

We perform full service business accounting for the vast majority of our corporate clients. This is an excellent value and ensures that our tax planning strategies are fully utilized. Usually we are able to save our clients more in taxes than we invoice in fees for a year. In addition to having unlimited access to the professional accountants, all of our business clients are assigned a personal bookkeeper who is available full time to answer questions and assist with any issues. The bookkeeper manages the details of the file, such as CRA deadlines and other filing obligations. It's imperative that all filing deadlines are met and we strive to ensure that this is always the case. The accountant and bookkeeper work closely together on each file to ensure the best possible service for the client.

Complete Accounting Service for as little as $300 per month

Our Complete Accounting Service encompasses all aspects of accounting & tax for small business. This is literally the shoebox service. You drop off your receipts, bank statements, etc, and we take care of all the rest!
These services include:
  • Professional Annual bookkeeping performed by your Accounting Manager in Sage 50 Accounting Software
  • Annual GST filings including an annual calculation of GST under both quick method and regular method to be sure the lowest possible GST payment calculation
  • Annual renewal of WCB registration
  • Annual filing of T4 (employment income) slips for the shareholders and family as necessary
  • Annual filing of T5 (dividend) slips for the shareholders and family as necessary
  • Annual filing of personal tax returns for the shareholders of the company including review for additional deductions
  • Communications with the Canada Revenue Agency as required
  • Audit Assurance – if you are reviewed or audited, we'll take care of it. You won't have to meet with or talk to the CRA. That's our job.
  • Continual ongoing tax planning and advice. This includes detecting any income sprinkling and income smoothing opportunities and maximizing and social benefits to which you might be entitled.
For small businesses this fee starts at about $300 per month. The fee will be higher for larger business but still seldom exceeds $400 per month. We are confident that our fees are very competitive with other professional accountants in Airdrie and encourage clients to compare our rates with other CPAs.